No Joke Upholstery Specializes In:
• Award winning custom interiors
• Automotive, motorcycle, and R.V.s
• Convertible tops
• Motorcycle seats
• Sunroofs and sim-con tops
• Carpet replacement
• Custom embroidery and embossing
• Exotic hides
• Custom fiberglass
• Interior repairs

No Joke Upholstery was originally founded in 2001, under the former name of Illusive Concepts, by brothers Adam & Noah Howard. Upon initial inception, our business was lacking a true niche within the automotive aftermarket. In 2007 we made a significant move into the "cut n' sew" segment. Through a few long years of dedication, training, networking, and experience we have made considerable strides towards mastering a trade that had at one time seemed so profound and unachievable.

No Joke Upholstery is located in New Carlisle, OH but pumping through the nation's custom automotive bloodline. Our current focus is in the Hot Rod, Urban Lifestyles, Motorcycle, and Restoration categories. We take great pride in building life lasting relationships as opposed to individual sales; through delivering impressive results coupled with a professional experience.

We dedicate countless hours contributing and connecting with the latest industry trends to keep our finger on the pulse. We vow to never allow ourselves to become complacent and embedded in a rut of monotonous repetition. We place both formal and informal continuing education central to our core operation in order to maintain our fullest potential.

Adam D. Howard, President
Date of Birth:Aug 14, 1981
Place of Birth:Bradenton, FL
Hometown:Fairborn, OH
Education:Associates Degree (Sinclair Community College)
Other Occupation:Fire Lieutenant/Paramedic
Strengths:Management, Accounting, Fabrication, Product and System Development, Public Relations

Noah J. Howard, Master Upholsterer
Date of Birth:Jan 15, 1985
Place of Birth:Largo, FL
Hometown:Fairborn, OH
Education:Certified Technical School (Acoustic Edge)
Strengths:Creative Design, Stitching, Leatherworking, Marketing, Customer Relations